Program Tiers

This program is designed for students interested in accessing quality education through innovative options. Our program coordinator  would love to assist you in choosing the best option for you and your family. Please call 847-899-0652 to create a customized learning experience for your child.

Virtual Option

Student attends online classes on specific days and times. This is the most similar to a traditional classroom experience without potential distractions that may exist in the traditional classroom.


Independent Option

Students are able to complete the curriculum at their own pace.  These students may seek extra support from teachers during regularly scheduled office hours or study halls. This program is excellent for students with a desire to move at a faster pace than their classmates.


Blended Experience Option

Students seeking a blended learning experience would enjoy this option. This student may want to complete an independent study in the subjects in which he/she excels. However, the student might want to take other classes virtually since he/she desires additional support in these areas. This student may also decide Gym class would be exciting to take in a brick and mortar setting with his/her peers.

Traditional School at Home Option

This program is designed to support parents who choose to school at home. This experience connects your family with other families choosing to school at home. Parents and students work with a licensed educational professional to create a customized curriculum. Your child has the option of participating in Science labs, Music, Art, World Languages, and other exciting enrichment activities that may be difficult to teach at home.