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Mrs. TannerMy family has experience with homeschooling, virtual/online educationalprograms, and experience in PK-12 public and private schools. I am a certified teacher and administrator in both Illinois and Wisconsin. I had the privilege of teaching multiple grades in various settings. My favorite moments are those spent with family watching my kids learn and explore their environment. Homeschooling my daughter, I’m continually reminded of the importance of connecting with others and supporting one another in this journey.

Currently, I’m enjoying coordinating an area home-school cooperative. It brings me so much joy to see students excited about learning and building relationships with others. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughters participate in the OPtions Program where they are given so many opportunities and possibilities. 

I’m eagerly anticipating connecting with local families and participating in exciting, memorable events that will create life-long memories.
Questions - please contact me at 847.899.0652 or e-mail

Sara Tanner