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Principal's Message

SpendeWelcome to OPtions Virtual Charter School (OVCS).  My name is Trisha Spende and I serve as the Director of Online and Blended Learning for the Elkhorn Area School District, and the Principal of OVCS.

Over the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to teach at the elementary level, provide individualized instruction to students as a reading specialist, support teachers as an instructional coach, and provide leadership to schools seeking to accomplish their goals.

As a parent and educator, I have a passion for both teaching and learning.  My core beliefs are:

  • All children can learn: it just might look differently and doesn’t always happen at the exact time for each child.

  • Parents are their child’s first teacher and a positive relationship between parents, students, and schools is vital to a child’s success in school.

  • In order to meet the individual needs of students and optimize their potential, schools need to be flexible and innovative.

The O and P in OPtions stands for Opportunities and Possibilities. If you would like to learn more about a unique educational opportunity for your child that provides personalized instruction, a choice of settings (onsite blended learning and/or school at home options), a learning community of parents and teachers eager to encourage and help one another, and access to high-quality resources, please contact me through email. I look forward to sharing more information about OVCS and discussing the opportunities and possibilities it could bring to your child’s school experience.


Trisha Spende