How do I register for OPtions? 

A pre-enrollment meeting is required prior to registration. Families can contact us at 262-723-1696 to set up an appointment.  After the pre-enrollment meeting, families will be provided with information on how to proceed with the Open Enrollment,  or Alternative Open Enrollment, if applicable.  For more information on New Student Registration or Open Enrollment click here.

Can I enroll into OPtions at anytime?

Families can enroll their student in grades 4K-8th most anytime, pending a pre-enrollment meeting, and  Open Enrollment/Alternative Open Enrollment approval.  High School Students can enroll using this process during trimesters one and two.  

Can I attend OPtions if I am not a resident of the school district? 

Yes - students from anywhere in the state of Wisconsin can be a part of Elkhorn OPtions Virtual Charter School. For more information on Open Enrollment click here.

Do students receive grades?

All students will receive trimester grades and online report cards.  Students in grades 4K - 8 will receive Pass (P) Fail (F) grades based on course progress as demonstrated in trimester portfolios.  High School Students will receive letter grades (A, B, C, D or F). High School students entering OPtions  from another school district or homeschooling  will have their transcripts evaluated and credits (if applicable) entered into the EASD student database. 

Is Elkhorn OPtions Virtual Charter School a public school? 

Yes, we are a public charter school operating under a contract with the Elkhorn Area School District. For more information about Open Enrollment please click here.

Is there a fee for OPtions? 

Currently, there are no fees associated with registering for OPtions. Curriculum and on-site enrichment opportunities are provided for students. Basic school supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, glue, scissors, etc. are the responsibility of the family to provide. Field trips are optional, and some do require a small fee.  We also recommend that parents purchase the laptop insurance for $15 to help cover the cost of any necessary repairs. Students choosing to take a class, participate in clubs or sports at one of the other  Elkhorn Schools may be subject to fees for those in building choices.

Are students issued a free laptop/chromebook? 

Laptop/chromebooks can be provided to OPtions students. Laptops/chromebooks are the property of the EASD and must be returned should the student leave OPtions. We also recommend that families purchase the laptop insurance for $15 to help cover the cost of any necessary repairs. For more information on Laptops/chromebook FAQ’s click here.


Will OPtions give our family a monetary stipend for Music, PE, Art or other specialty lessons? 

OPtions offers our students opportunities for onsite blended learning enrichment days which include Art, PE, Music, World Cultures, STEM and various literacy activities. OPtions also provides opportunities for families/students to attend sessions locally of swimming, tumbling and martial arts. Students are also able to take a classes in district at any of our buildings, providing there is space and any prerequisites have been met. OPtions does not provide monetary stipends for any specialty lessons outside of the district offerings.

Can I choose my student’s curriculum? 

Each family will collaborate with a licensed Wisconsin teacher (teacher on record) from OPtions to develop an appropriate individualized student learning plan (ISLP).  The EASD will provide students with a full curriculum at no cost to the family.  All curriculum purchased will be secular and purchased by an approved vendor from the EASD vendor list. School supplies such as paper, pencils, glue, scissors, etc.. will be purchased by the family.

Are the teachers and staff certified? 

Teachers on record, and the Director are certified and licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Does my student need to be immunized? 

Families must provide their student’s immunization records or the appropriately filled out and signed waiver form. For more information on immunization or Health Services click here.

Do we have to submit student health forms? 

Student health forms and physicals are strongly suggested for the health and safety of your student.  Families with questions on health forms, medication or health services can contact Mrs. Wendy Zimmerman, MSN, RN, CSN, 262-723-3160 Ext. 1410, Fax: 262-723-8092, 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM, mailto:zimmwe@elkhorn.k12.wi.us, or visit the EASD Health Services Home page 

Can my students participate in clubs and sports?  

Students can participate in sports, clubs, band, choir, extracurricular activities and dances that are offered at the other schools in the district at their grade level.  For more information on clubs and sports, families will want to contact the individual schools regarding availability for their student. Families will be responsible for any fees associated with sports, clubs, activities or courses taken in building.

Can my student take classes in one of the district schools? 

Yes, OPtions students can take classes in building at the other area schools at their grade level. OPtions staff will help in facilitating these meetings.

Can my student participate in the EASD Graduation Ceremony? 

OPtions has a recognition night for senior graduates and their families.  Graduates may also choose to participate in the traditional EASD High School graduation ceremony.


Do High School Students receive a diploma and transcript?

High school OPtions students will be provided with a transcript and an Elkhorn OPtions Virtual Charter School diploma when they graduate.

Do you accept students with IEPs or 504s?

Yes, students with an IEP or a 504 are welcome in OPtions!  Prior to placement in OPtions, the IEP team and family will meet to determine if a virtual setting can meet the needs of the student.  IEP services are   delivered onsite in our brick and mortar buildings.  


Drop-in Office Hours are: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm M, T, Th, Wednesdays from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. 


To set up an appoint to discuss OPtions, courses, goals and expectations, please call or email one of our OPtions staff members below.

Trisha Spende
Director of Online and Blended Learning
Elkhorn Area School District
(262) 723-1696


Harriett Peterson

Administrative Assistant 
Elkhorn OPtions Virtual Charter School
534 Sunset Drive, Elkhorn, WI 53121


Elkhorn OPtions Virtual Charter School Student Handbook grades 4K - 8